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misshapen golf balls!

The snow has finally melted, as we say goodbye to winter and welcome the sun which marks the beginning of spring.

This is an important time of the year for us as we prepare to plough the ground for the new planting. Many old, non bearing fruit trees have to be cut down and dug out and all the rubbish, weeds and stumps etc have to be burned.

Our friend, Paja has brought his faithful tractor and has started ploughing the field, so that we can sow our new vegetable garden.

Last year we started a few weeks later as I only took possession of the property in April.
So now I would like to update you on all that transpired since the beginning of the winter.

This has been the coldest winter in Serbia for the last 100 years with the Country recording temperatures of minus 27 degrees.. Even the Danube river froze so that they had to use icebreakers to keep shipping lanes open on the Danube.

As I do not have a kitchen yet, I had to keep most of my kitchen stuff on the porch and cook inside on the wood burning stove.

I had a bag of potatoes and a bag of onions outside, and when I wanted to cook them, they were all frozen (hard as rocks). As a result, I had to cook them and could only peel them when the potatoes and onions had defrosted.

Eggs were also frozen solid, but I was able to remove the shells. My naked eggs slithered around the pan like
he vineyard also needs to be pruned shortly, which is very strenuous work.
The Lord willing, I would like to buy some new fruit trees to replace all the ones that had to be cut down.
Over the past couple of days I have been so tired owing to all the work that I slumped on the bed in the evening and lost consciousness. Sadly my body is not used to so much hard work after the winter in my cosy cave.